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Photo by Corbin Pagter. Vielle by Rainer Ullreich.

Photo by Corbin Pagter. Vielle by Rainer Ullreich.

Michelle L. O’Connor (Levy) has been performing on and exploring the possibilities of bowed string instruments for over 20 years. She studied classical viola & Old Time fiddle/banjo at Brown University, then continued her musical studies in Medieval performance practice on vielle with Shira Kammen and with members of Sequentia at the Vancouver Medieval Programme at the University of British Columbia. She is currently pursuing a Masters degree in Ritual Chant & Song at The Irish World Academy in Limerick, Ireland.

She comes from a family of artists; her grandfather, Eliezer, is a multi-instrumentalist who regularly played for folk dances in Tel-Aviv in the 1940′s. Currently based in the San Francisco Bay area, California, she is an Artist-In-Residence with Youth In ArtsShe has performed internationally with an eclectic variety of ensembles and vocalists, including The Boston Camerata and vocalists Owain Phyfe, Abby Green, Maia Archote, and Moh Alileche. She’s been a featured performer at the Vancouver Early Music Festival (2013) with Sequentia & The Elaine Adair Ensemble as well as at the Connecticut Early Music Festival (2010) with Istanpitta Early Music Ensemble, and her new Contra-dance band, TriTonic, recently featured at the New England Folk Festival 2013 (NEFFA). She enjoys playing fiddle for contra and English country dance camps in the woods as well as performing with Shira Kammen’s Class V Music, an ensemble dedicated to creating music on whitewater rafting trips.

As a fiddle/violin teacher, Michelle is certified in the Orff Shulwerk approach to teaching music as well as the Mark O’Connor Method. She teaches all ages from 3 and up.