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Michelle offers a variety of educational artist residencies & performances in schools!

6th Grade: Music of Mesopotamia & The Roman Empire

Left to Right: "Dmitri and Michal" aka Jim Oakden and Michelle Levy

Left to Right: “Dmitri and Michal” aka Jim Oakden and Michelle Levy
photo by Youth In Arts

Presenting music from the western and eastern Roman Empire & Mesopotamia with performers in costume! We cover the spread of Christianity in Europe and other Roman territories as well as the migration of Jews in the Mediterranean region and their conflict with the Romans through live music and complimentary maps and images.  We perform on the stringed instruments rebab, vielle, violin, saz (Turkey), Tambura (Macedonia), drums including dumbek, frame drum and riqq, wind instruments such as Gaita (spanish bagpipes), recorders and the zurna. Students will participate in the music with ancient hand-clapping rhythms from these regions and will be able to try some of the instruments. The exuberant performances on a variety of unusual instruments running the gamut from gentle to raucous captivate and hold the attention of our young and energetic audiences.
Fee: $600 for the duo, per day
7th Grade: Music in Medieval Europe
Please watch this 10-minute video which shows what we do!
Multi-media demonstration on medieval instruments focusing on the main social structures in Europe at the time and their impact on music and everyday life. Students develop critical thinking skills and vocabulary through discussions, storytelling, and games. Through listening to professional musicians perform this music and guided listening games, students learn to identify where a piece might have been played in Europe and what role it served in the community.Instruments demonstrated include vielle, rebec, and voice. Depending on who is available, additional instruments may include harps, recorders, flute, pipe & drum.Please provide the following materials in the classroom: chalkboard (or equivalent), projector to show medieval illuminations of people playing instruments.
Fee: $600/duo per day OR
        $900/trio per day (as shown in video)
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Artist Residency with Elementary or Middle School choir:

Students will experience the joy of creative music making while learning fundamental vocal techniques through song, movement, and games of traditional seasonal music from cultures throughout the world! The class will perform a parade at the end of October/beginning of November with songs and larger-than-life puppets for Dia De Los Muertos–dramatically dressed as traditional skeleton musicians! Featuring instrumental accompaniment by the instructors: Shira Kammen, Associate Music Director of California Revels and Director of choir In Bocca Al Lupo, and Michelle Levy, Orff-Shulwerk and Mark O’Connor Method certified music/art teacher with over 15 years teaching experience. In December, students will break up into smaller groups and present songs for each other at an open-mic style music party on the last day of class.

Learn more about the instructors here:
Shira Kammen (
Michelle Levy ( and
Fee to be determined based on length and frequency of classes.

Artist residency with high school choir:

Students will work towards a dramatic musical presentation of the timeless tale of Robin Hood through storytelling and songs from Medieval England with instrumental accompaniment by the instructors and advanced music students from the high school! The themes of Robin Hood are especially relevant to young people today as–in addition to romance– they deal with combating poverty and standing up to greed and corruption. Through the art of Medieval song, students will learn important techniques such as memorization, harmonization, intonation, focus of vocal tone, voice projection, & improvisation. Selected instrumentalists will learn about historically appropriate musical accompaniment and improvisation. Dedicated art students can assist with painting a giant backdrop of Medieval-style scenery for the choir. Instructors are Shira Kammen, Associate Music Director of California Revels and Director of choir In Bocca Al Lupo, and Michelle Levy, Orff-Shulwerk and Mark O’Connor Method certified music/art teacher with over 15 years teaching experience.

Learn more about the instructors here:
Shira Kammen (
Michelle Levy ( and
Fee to be determined based on length and frequency of classes.