Music & Illustration

TriTonic (Dance Music)

photo courtesy of Rachel Winslow

photo courtesy of Rachel Winslow

Music for Contra Dance and English Country Dancing! Featuring Anita “Bubbles” Anderson (piano) of the ever in-demand Tricky Brits/Bag O’ Tricks,  Zollo, and Roguery, and popular East Bay California musicians Michelle “Lime” Levy (fiddle) and Jim “’n Tonic” Oakden (Everything Else) of Roguery. Tritonic formed as a west coast all-star pick-up  band at BACDS Spring Fever Dance Weekend in Aptos CA 2012 . They had such a blast that they decided to keep it going!

They are proud to have been featured performers at  the New England Folk Festival Alliance (NEFFA) 2013.

TriTonic! …it’s good for you.


REELS: Tsizikpolkka (Finland)/Waiting For Transportation (Dave Bartley)/Old Joe (Traditional). Photo courtesy of Chelsea Nesvig.

WALTZ:Vals del Pato by Anita Anderson. Photo courtesy of Jannes Pockele

ENGLISH DANCE SET: “Cam Ye O’er Fra France” or Key to the Cellar. Photo courtesy of Brenda Starr.

JIGS: D’érobée Des Petites Gens (J.M. Veillon)/Plane Tree/Danbury Hill  (Trad). Photo courtesy of  Ramiro Ramirez.

to book TriTonic, please contact Michelle Levy