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Angelhead: “Medieval Garageband” performs Angelhead, as featured at Berkeley Early Music Festival


Medieval Music Artist Residency with Youth In Arts (Classroom Demo for European Medieval History, 7th graders):


A sample from  CD: Forces of Nature

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Slideshow image credits:

1) Birds flying in sky, Richard North 2) Horned Lark, by Seabamirum (flickr) 3) The Bird Psalter, Fitzwilliam Museum, U. of Cambridge MS 2-1954, fol. 1r, c.1280-90 4) 5) Scenes from Frederick II’s De Arte Venandi Cumavibus, mid 13th c. 6) Temple Pendant (Kolt) with Two Birds, Ukrainian, 12th c. 7) detail, The Bird Psalter (see #3) 8) photo by Moh Alileche 9)? 10) Getty Museum, L.A., French 11) Neptune, 14th c. Francais 143, fol. 130v from Bibliotheque Nationale de France 12) MSS FR-1877 FOL-35V, Bibliotheque Nationale de France 13) photo by M.Levy 14) photo by Paul Bestock 15) 16) photo by M.Levy 17) Holly Loo Lakorus & Ivy Drip 18) upcycled greeting card collage 19) photo by M.Levy 20) photo by M.Levy 21) 22) Making Barley Beer, from Treatise on Medicine, Aldrebrand of Florence, 1356 23) Candles, ConstructionDealMkting (flickr) 24-28) Karen Lane, firehooper 29) Coronol Mass Ejection, Undertow851 (flickr) 30) Sun Plasma Flickers, Undertow851 (flickr) 31) Moses Receiving the Law, from a Torus Bible 32) Hymn from a Mahzor, from the collection of William Laud (1573-1645). His manuscripts were donated to the Bodleian in 1640. Ms. Laud Or. 321, fol. 127 verso, Germany c.1275 33) Sun and Fog on Boot Lake, EclecticBlogs (flickr) 34) Sun Over Inuvik, EclecticBlogs (flickr) 35) Sun, barockschloss (flickr) 36) Candles…, Klearchos Kapoutsis (flickr) 37) 38) Fire Dancing, ingrid taylar (flickr) 39) Celtic Knot, scubadive67 (flickr) 40) Imbolc 2007: FireHare, :mMark: (flickr) 41) 42) 43) 44)Scene from King Rene’s Books of Love (Le Cueur d’Amours Espus), Austrian National Library, Vienna 45) Opening of a Prayer, from the collection of David Ben Abraham Oppenheimer (1667-1725) MS. Opp 776, fol. 6 verso, Germany 1471 46) Illuminated Page From “Even ha-Ezer” and “Hoshen Mishpat”, R. Jacob B. Asher, from the collection of Matteo Luigi Cononcici (1727-1825). Ms. Can. Or. 79 fol. 1 verso. Italy 1438. 47) photo by M.Levy of Shira’s cat, Mr. Squeaker 48) greenman, gaeamcg (flickr) 49) Redwood Roots, bjelli1971 (flickr) 50) Redwoods near Crescent City, theslowlane (flirckr)


Performing with Roguery for an English Country Dance at Dawn Dance in Ann Arbor, Michigan (Feb 2013):

Roguery band members are: Anita Anderson on piano, Dave Bartley on mandolin, Jim Oakden on clarinet, and Michelle Levy (substituting for Shira Kammen) on violin. The dance is: We’ll Bed and We’ll Weed by Brooke and Chris, published in Impropriety vol 3. The tune was written by Larry Unger, Michelle Levy, Kyle Hardman, Ken Blackwood, and Bob Anholt. Many thanks to John Newsome for the great video!


See some of the musical work I do with kids in the last 3 minutes of a new video by film maker Chip Curry about Evo Bluestein’s folk music/dance residency: 


Here’s some live footage of The Whoots playing for a Contra Dance! Please check us out on facebook for more music!